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13 predictions for Atlanta's music scene(s) in 2012

More rock stars, less crybabies, and an appeal to tune out dem-ASSES



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  • Fort Knox

Fort Knox, hip-hop event host, brand spokesman/manager
In 2012, [we're] changing tax brackets! Real talk! The movie 2012 was about the end of the earth, mass destruction. I feel that 2012 is actually going to be a year of immense growth and development: mentally, physically, spiritually, musically, and financially. The independent scene is gonna continue to flourish at an ever increasing rate. Being "lyrical" has definitely become more acceptable as seen with acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, and Slaughterhouse. I look forward to seeing and helping the entire ATL music scene advance. My expectation is that Stanza, the 5ive, and Nikkiya, producers Team E.C.S.T.A.S.Y., D.R.U.G.S., and Hannibal, along with DJ's Teknology, Genesis, and Greedy will have a stellar year.

Matt Weiner, of experimental electronic duo Featureless Ghost
We like the trend of donation-based shows because they do not exclude people who don't have disposable income. We think that allowing people to donate what they are able to at any given time encourages an overall atmosphere of acceptance and integration and ultimately allows people to discover and support new artists and pack out venues. Our biggest wish is that the amount of sharing and social interaction that happens on the Internet will translate into more people in Atlanta sharing the music that they are making in their bedrooms in a live/real-world setting.

David Mansfield, owner of electronic/indie rock label Double Phantom Records
I don't see too many trends in Atlanta specifically. I think the Internet has scattered trends. It doesn't seem to be very city specific these days. Everything is getting micro-genre'd out. Maybe someone will find a way to mix U.K. bass music with a tinge of 1980s nostalgia, and a little saxophone.

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