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13 predictions for Atlanta's music scene(s) in 2012

More rock stars, less crybabies, and an appeal to tune out dem-ASSES



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  • DJ Lord

DJ Lord, Public Enemy
I really wish promoters would branch out to bring more diverse music to the city as well as DJs playing their part in opening up a little more to new sounds/styles [instead of catering to] the same overcrowded hamster wheel the masses (dem-ASSES) are riding. Atlanta has majorly overlooked flavor.

I predict a lot of original styles/trends will resurface and it will become OK to rock again, like more original artists/music vs. overnight label creations. Clothing styles are already getting back to basics. Activism is coming full-focus with people worldwide uniting under OCCUPY. Trendy or not it's exercising a voice and showing the world that the power belongs to the people, not the governments.

DJ Karl Injex, partner/creative director of the Sound Table and Space2
I believe we'll see more synergy between genres, with bands like Future Islands and Little Dragon merging indie sounds with electronic textures, and producers like Silkie and SBTRKT pushing post-dubstep into new territory. As far as Atlanta is concerned, I'm checking Bosco, Clan Destined, Atlas Sound, the Dojo Collective, and the Soulphonics/Ruby Velle. Atlanta has the talent and potential to cultivate a scene much like that in L.A. (which has produced the Fly-Lo/Brainfeeder crew, Sa-Ra and all its extensions, and the Mochilla/Miguel Atwood Ferguson projects). The key for 2012 is "push harder."

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