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13 predictions for Atlanta's music scene(s) in 2012

More rock stars, less crybabies, and an appeal to tune out dem-ASSES



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Philip Frobos - MAX BLAU

Philip Frobos, singer/bassist for indie rock band Carnivores
My New Year's resolution? Drink fancy beer, eat vegetables. Also, I'm looking forward to the capsizing of the blogosphere, and the rise of Frankie Broyles (aka Frankie and the Teardrops). I like Mood Rings, Red Sea, Mirror Mode, and Black Lodge, and I predict that the Clap's LP will melt faces when it comes out.

Things I wish would happen to make Atlanta's music scene better and stronger in 2012 include seeing more happy drunk people, kids with better fake IDs, more people buying records, and it would be nice to see a few more rock stars come out of this scene, and not just a bunch of crybabies.

Patrick Loggins, electronic producer Time Wharp
Here's what needs to happen in Atlanta: The death of the wobble, which will lead to the majority of kids going back to [listening to] 311 and the real folks making the scene more aerodynamic, limber, and agile, creating a truly tracks-based club scene the likes of which we haven't seen since mid-'90s MJQ. A couple of new/repurposed venues with promoters who aren't 30 years older than their patronage and completely fucking insane will be the perfect vehicle for this. Improvements in public transportation would also allow later nights and more people willing to journey to shows without fear of a DUI.

Daniel Friedman, electronic rock band Cloudeater
Really, [I'd like] to continue seeing more young people move out of suburbia and into the city. That's the biggest thing that will make the music scene stronger. Let's face it, if you live in Alpharetta you're going to be less motivated to go see a show in EAV on a Thursday night.

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