Seafood risotto at Sotto Sotto
Just call it gourmet baby food for adults. Carnaroli rice is cooked with butter in white wine and chicken-fish stock until it is slightly al dente. Then, heavy cream is added. Shellfish, cooked separately, is placed atop the rice. That adds up to a velvety background foregrounded by springy bites of slightly briny seafood. $19. 313 N. Highland Ave. 404-523-6678.

Shrimp and grits at Taqueria del Sol
This iconic Southern dish is so ubiquitous it deserves to be declared illegal. The only exception is this particular interpretation that features extra-creamy sweet grits and shrimp sautéed in a definitely not-sweet jalapeño-tomato sauce. Unfortunately, like good sex, it's only available occasionally. Sign up for alerts on the TDS website. $10.99. 2165 Cheshire Bridge Road. 404-321-1118; and other metro Atlanta locations.

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