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Professionals pick one dish they'd eat before they die


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Hugh Acheson, Five & Ten
"The beef tendon and tripe in chili sauce at Peter Cheng's. It's a cold appetizer in a spicy sauce and, man, it is so good. It's tender, braised tendon. We're not often presented with cold meat dishes, but it's exciting and different, and I'd definitely eat it on my last go-around."

Joe Truex, Watershed
"If I'm dying, that changes a lot of things. I want handmade pasta. I'll probably go to Sotto Sotto and get some of their pappardelle with braised meat sauce. I want it to take a long time. I'll probably go on a Saturday night and wait an hour and a half. The wine is also important. I'll want to get a Mascarello Bartolo. He was a purist who became an iconic figure, raging against the dying of the light in his wine-making philosophy, which is perfect if I'm raging against the dying of the light myself."

Drew VanLeuvan, One Midtown Kitchen
"My favorite dish in the ATL is the carbonara at Holeman & Finch. It's a true rendition of a rich and over-the-top Italian pasta dish. There's something soul-satisfying about rendered cured guanciale and raw egg yolk that makes you cry for joy."

Shane Devereaux, Top Flr
"I love Pura Vida for mushrooms. Hector has these garlic chipotle roasted mushrooms, they're all sitting in oil, you soak it up with bread...I also love his tofu. Mushrooms and tofu."

Guy Wong, Miso Izakaya
"If I could choose one dish it would be the Shaking Beef at YANY Express. It's a Vietnamese restaurant off of Jimmy Carter Boulevard. The filet is so tender and umami! Just amazing."

Lynne Sawicki, Sawicki's Meat, Seafood and More
"Anne Quatrano's meat lasagna. Period. End of story. It's not on the menu, but if you've been going [to Bacchanalia] long enough, she might make it for your birthday."


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